Learning Enhancement Advanced Program

Learning Enhancement Advanced ProgramThe Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program, or LEAP®, has been developed over the past decade in conjunction with clinical psychologists, speech pathologists, neurologists and other health professionals, as a very effective program for the correction of most learning difficulties.
LEAP®, is based on a new model of learning integrating the most recent concepts in neurophysiology of the brain and uses highly specific kinesiological formatting to address stress within specific brain structures. The application of specific non-invasive acupressure techniques can then resolve these stresses resulting in a return to normal function.

In the LEAP®, model of learning, Gestalt and Logic functions are not simply localised in the
right or left cerebral hemisphere as in the popular Right Brain/Left Brain model of learning.
Rather, each type of brain function or process appears to have a cerebral "lead" function that is either predominantly Gestalt or Logic in nature. Each of these cortical “lead” functions provides a “point of entry” into a widely distributed system comprising many subconscious cortical submodules in both hemispheres and many subcortical modules throughout the limbic system and brainstem.

While this allows highly efficient processing through multi-plexing and parallel processing, it means that brain processing is “time bound”. Since many components of any mental function are performed in many different parts of the brain, and often at different speeds, coherent output in the form of “thinking” requires integration and synchronisation of all of these desperate processes.
Loss of integrated brain function, I term loss of Brain Integration, thus results in the loss of a specific mental capacity, the ability to perform a specific type of mental task. When these specific mental capacities are required for academic performance, their loss can result in Specific Learning Difficulties.

Specific Learning Difficulties (SLDs) arise in this model by either lack of access to specific
subconscious processing modules, either cortical or subcortical, or the inability to integrate the processing modules accessed. Thus to resolve these SLDs, you need only “open up” access to these “blocked” processing modules or resynchronise the timing of information flow between them to re-instate integrated brain function. The LEAP®, program provides an integrated kinesiologically based acupressure protocol to access “stress” within specific brain nuclei and areas that have “blocked” integrated function and that resynchronise the timing of signals between these various brain areas.


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