Hyperton-X A HT-X könnyen elsajátítható módszer a test teljes izomzatának feszültségmentesítésére. A módszer felfedezője Frank Mahony, aki megállapította, hogy egy hipertóniás (feszült) izom zavart okoz a központi idegrendszerben. Ezáltal korlátozottá válik az agy képessége a szenzorikus információk azonnali feldolgozására. Azonosítja és ellazítja a túlfeszített izmokat és szöveteket, melyek a koponya, a gerinc és a keresztcsont közti szabad és helyes mozgást gátolják.

What is HYPERTON-X "Hypertonic muscle balancing”?

HYPERTON-X is a Kinesiology Method (Muscle Testing) which tests for and corrects imbalanced muscles. By 'clearing' these hypertonic muscles, the person becomes more flexible and relaxed and able to use their body in an integrated way, giving improved power and flexibility to their chosen activities.

A Hypertonic muscle has three characteristic - P.W.R:-
1) Pain
2) Weakness
3) Restricted range of motion.

Techniques are also used for Pain and Emotional Stress Release, as well as to enhance physical and mental performance levels, both for learning and sports activities, preparing for pregnancy and childbirth and working with the learning disabled.

Frank Mahony, the developer of HYPERTON-X believed that muscles that had become "Hypertonic" through injury or over-use were responsible for a lot of the imbalances that occur in the Posture, Nervous System, Cerebro-Spinal Fluid flow and Meridian Energy flow.

What is a Hypertonic Muscle?

A Hypertonic Muscle is one that can be identified as restricted in its range of movement (ROM) and would usually be tight and sore. However, if a Hypertonic Muscle was tested directly, it would usually test as being "switched-on" and further testing may show it to be "over-facilitated". Using the usual Kinesiology approach, as well as massage, does not necessarily change this over-facilitated state. Frank Mahony then developed a Method to test for and quickly correct the imbalanced state that often relieved the pain, restriction of movement and postural imbalances.

HYPERTON-X Correction Method

The Correction Method is based on PNF stretching; or Proprioceptor Neuro-Muscular Facilitation. It is a form of "practitioner assisted stretching" of the specific Hypertonic Muscle. The suspect muscle is positioned in its maximum extended range. The client takes a deep inhalation and then a 6-8 second exhalation, while the client applies a persistive contraction against the practitioner holding the limb in a steady position. This is done at the pressure of only (up to) 25% of the contraction of the muscle from the extended position back toward contraction against the practitioners resistance. At the completion of exhalation, the client takes another deep breath in as the practitioner gently extends the muscle by a few degrees, by pursueing the muscle to its increased range of motion.

This is repeated 3 to 5 times after which the muscle has improved its range of movement and is experienced as being significantly more relaxed and improved blood flow. The procedure is then repeated on other muscles that are Hypertonic as assessed by the practitioners’ palpation (feeling the state or tightness in the muscle), range of movement testing and Muscle Testing procedures.

Hypertonic Muscle Correction has been shown to have the following beneficial effects:-

  • increase in Neuro-Muscular communication
  • re-sets the proprioceptor mechanisms in the muscle spindles and tendon reflexes that may have been shocked due to injury or over-use
  • improves circulation in both Vascular and Lymphatic systems
  • releases inhibiting signals (interference) from the muscle that may cause a jamming effect in the sensory co-ordination areas of the brain - specifically the Common Integration Area (CIA) in the Logic Brain Cortex
  • improves co-ordination through better muscle balance and enhanced cross-lateral stimulation in the Brain
  • releases restricted muscles that effect Posture and improves normal flow of Cerebro-Spinal Fluid CSF (note: No Spinal adjustments are used).

I personally (Trevor Savage ND) have used the technique extensively since 1985 when I introduced the program to Australia and have taught several hundred students the correct and accurate use of the procedures of this effective technique. Feedback from practitioners, students and clients has always been very positive and reported results have been encouraging.

There are many areas of application of this system as the essential precepts on which it is based is about overcoming levels of stress and restriction in the body in order to re-establish balance and normal homeostasis of physical functions. Its applications are not only useful as a corrective therapy for treatment of muscle restriction and pain, but also for improvement of physical and even mental performance in many varied situations. Frank found profound improvements in the areas of learning and many people overcame learning difficulties and went on to live normal lives.

Frank Mahony also found great results when using his program for overcoming allergies and sensitivities, emotional stress issues and other areas such as TMJ and pain management. For those who have Touch For Health training short cut balancing is also of great benefit, but this is not necessary for a student to use Hyperton-X in Sports areas and general clinical work.


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